Module Accent Icons

ATTNIt's so simple to add the module class suffix and give your modules the icon accent you want.

This screenshot shows where you can type in the suffix on virtually any Joomla! module. Below are the accent icons and corresponding module class suffix to use. At right are a few examples of how these can be used.


  • Asterisk-asterisk

  • Attention-attention

  • Check-check

  • Coffee-coffee

  • Cog-cog

  • Download-download

  • Folder-folder

  • House-house

  • Lightbulb-lightbulb

  • Lock-lock

  • News-news

  • Piechart-graph

  • Question-question

  • Search-search

  • Speech-speech

  • Star-star

  • Tools-tools

( - lock )
( -question )

Just a sample of the -question module suffix. Any questions?

( -download )

Just a sample of the -download module suffix. Obviously, this would be great to add to a module where you might have links to downloadable files.