Documentation - Installation


There are basically two options when it comes to installation of this template: 1) PJ Package (Demo Installer) or 2) Conventional Joomla! Template Installation.

PJ Package Installation

This allows you to install a clone of this demo with all of its functionality on your hosting environment. You can then edit its content and graphics to achieve your personalized Joomla site. We have packaged the installation using the Akeeba backup component.

Installation Steps:

1) Download the file. Upload and unzip to your website's root directory.

2) Create a new database for the installation to use.

3) Navigate to your website and follow the installer directions. Installation typically takes about 5 minutes. It is important that during the installation, you create your Super Administrator password.

Conventional Joomla! Template Installation

If you prefer installing this template onto an existing Joomla site, follow these steps:

1) Install the template as you would any other Joomla! Template, by navigating to the Extensions >> Extension Manager >> Installer and browsing to the template file (e.g.

2) Be sure to publish the main menu module to the "topMenu" position.