PJ QuickPortfolio Module

The PJ QuickPortfolio uses your Joomla! content to create a slick and customizable portfolio you can use to show off your work! We've integrated the fantastic jQuery Quicksand plugin into this extension, giving it a superb visual effect. What's more... It's all sortable by the keywords you assign to the articles you include in the portfolio! It truly couldn't be any easier.

How to Use

1) Create Content

This module takes advantage of Joomla's Content management capabilities to prepare a visually appealing showcase for your work. First, you should create a Content Category from which the module will draw its information. For example, if your site is intended to represent your graphic design business, you might create a category simply called "Portfolio".

  • Each article within that category should minimally have one image. This image will be resized by the module for its purposes, so don't worry so much about the size (ie, prepare your content articles exactly how you would wish them to display in the article view).
  • Any other article information (Title, Author, Date, Introduction, etc.) can be displayed by the module, but is optional as far as module display is concerned.

2) Assign Keywords

KeywordsThis module creates its filter menu by virtue of the keywords you assign to the articles in the category it will draw from. It is important that every article contain at least one key word. Articles can contain as many keywords as you like.

3) Configure the Module

Set the module to draw its content from your chosen category (ie. Portfolio). From the module parameters, you are also able to configure:

  • how many articles to show
  • how to sort the articles
  • whether or not to display the Title, Read More, Intro text, Date, Author, etc. (individually)
  • Styling for each of these page elements (if you know a little CSS :-)
  • Image Settings (Size, Aspect Ratio, etc)

 The Screenshots below show the module parameters available to you via the module manager for this fantastic extension.

Settings1Settings1 Settings2





Accordion Style 1

This Module Column has been given the setting "Accordion Style 1" in the Template Manager.

This means that it can have multiple accordion panes open simultaneously, and they can toggle open or closed without affecting other modules in the column.
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Accordion Style 2

This Module Column has been given the setting "Accordion Style 2" in the Template Manager.

This means that it can have only one accordion pane open at a time. When one accordion pane is clicked open, the others in the column will collapse.
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